Maud’s Café is happy to host private events at the Café. Please read and review our current policies for private events at the link below, and provide us with information about your event. Once you have submitted the form, we will review your request and be in contact shortly.

If you have questions not answered in our submission request form, please email

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Maud’s Café now offers catering. Please view our menu for catering options.


Maud’s Café Reservation Pricing

After Hours Reservations:
Exclusive Use – 4 hour minimum including set up and take down
Rental fee: $100.00 per hour
Rental includes –Maud’s Staff, assistance with set up and water service
Food & Beverages – see catering menu’s for pricing
Reservations during regular business hours:
Shared Use – 3 hour maximum rental including set up and take down.
Reservation fee: $50.00 plus $4.00 per person for self-service drip coffee and water. 
Non-profit reservation fee: $25.00 plus $4.00 per person for self-service drip coffee and water
Reservation includes:  Reserved Café area at the discretion of Maud’s Café staff and assistance with set up.
Additional Food & Beverage – see catering menu for pricing



Maud’s Café Rental Policies

Event Planning and Staffing

Maud’s Café staff cannot provide support to plan and staff events. We will ensure staffing to operate the Café during the duration of your event, but staff is not expected to perform duties outside the normal scope of operating the Café, unless otherwise specified. For events taking place during business hours a portion of the Café will be roped off for your event, your guests must stay within these posted occupancy limits.


Advertising and Promotions

Typically, private events do their own advertising and promotions. Maud’s Café must pre-approve all promotional materials before distribution, including – but not limited to – fliers and press releases. All materials must clearly indicate that the event is not produced by Maud’s Café or Volunteers of America, Utah. Logos for Maud’s Café and Volunteers of America, Utah may not be used without prior written authorization.



• Rental time includes setup and cleanup. Rental time is booked in half-hour increments with a one-hour minimum.
• Rental fees must be paid at the time the rental contract is approved.
• You agree to reimburse Maud’s Café for any and all costs which result from damage done to the facility during the rental period.
• You agree the NO alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed on premises.
• You agree that NO tape, staples, tacks, or any other fastening devices shall be secured to the walls or ceiling of the premises without prior written authorization.
• You agree that your event shall not exceed the room capacity as posted in the facility.
• You agree to not violate any federal, state, or local laws during the rental period.
• Refunds: No refund will be given if cancellation is less than 4 days prior to the use.
• You are responsible for all advertising, ticket taking, and fee collection associated with your event.
• Multi-use: Maud’s Café is open to the public during normal business hours, with simultaneous users. You should assume that other customers may visit the Café during your event. We will take all reasonable effort to ensure that your group has a reserved space for your event, but will not deny other customers from making purchases or using other space in the Café. After-hours events may have different policies, as agreed upon.
• Children: Children must remain supervised at all time throughout the event.
• Storage: No apparatus, furniture, or equipment other than what was disclosed in the rental contract is to be moved into the Café without prior approval. No furniture from inside the building may be moved outside without prior written authorization. Furniture may be moved within the Café to accommodate your event, with prior approval, so long as all furniture and equipment is returned to its original place at the conclusion of your event.
• Setup: The set up of chairs, tables, etc. is the responsibility of the renter.
• Parking: Do not block any driveways or streets. Maud’s Café does not have a reserved parking lot – all parking is expected to be along the road in accordance with posted signs and local and state law. Maud’s Café assumes no liability for parking tickets or other violations.
• No outside food or drink shall be allowed. If you are anticipating a large group beyond the typical stock of food the Café maintains, you may order additional food and drink through Maud’s Café with an advance notice of at least 3 business days. Additional catering must be paid in advance.
• Violation of this agreement may prevent future rental of facilities.
• Maud’s Café and Volunteers of America, Utah will not assume any legal, insurance, or financial liability for the above referenced event.





Each private event will be considered for approval on an individual basis.